The plain, slightly nostalgic spirit awake e on winding Crni Vrh mountain by putting it to the test my driving skills while voraciously absorbing shaken beauty, increasingly narrowing the field of vision to the dimensions that I used to. Demonstrating caring and good host, Borislav little by little keeps calling me on cell phone checking in on a given tour, handles his photo buddy who hasn’t yet meet. Turns out he’s a good navigator, and I’m resourceful driver, and with a slight wandering – because the sign is never where the most important – I came at the appointed time. We recognized immediately, even though we’ve never met.

Zlot! Never heard of a little place tucked away among the mountains, whose secrets have yet to discover in the coming days. Nice resort, clean, quiet and friendly. I learned, was once a municipal seat, now tormented by the same concerns as many places that the Creator has given an abundance of beauty, but was stingy in terms of easy living. It’s not hard to conclude: there is a survival on a daily rehearsal.

The older population frantically binds to the soil, but they do not even younger, who do not have to leave home: try to imagine the future with new facilities, along with what can be taken from nature or created in conjunction with it. For this purpose and photo-safari organized by NGO, “Movements for the development of the modern village” called “Village” Mountaineering club Dubasnica and photo club “Danube”: that through photography, media and oral history popularize this area, which is what to offer rural tourism, from the natural beauty – deep gorges, mysterious caves, faith and spirituality that are cultivated in the surrounding monasteries, to multicentural a dying tradition that should be preserved from oblivion in order not to lose specific identity, customs and native history and culture.

Bachia! I’ve never heard of this custom: the fellowship of people living in harsh conditions would not be able to survive. Tantalize the summer to survive the winter. Philosophy of life is that simple, mentality of no place, and nothing falls from the sky, for all your sweat. I am truly amazed at the people who through hard work earn daily bread, which, with a little words know how to say many, and know at a glance that estimate with whom they are dealing.

And Bor open pit, tailings, waste water, polluted rivers! I’ve heard of it, but what I saw still far exceeds expected. Anxious blend ratios and emotion: destroy to survive. For photographic eye, surprisingly, color palette is intoxicating, but the human eye, understandably disheartening. The symbolism of life and death. Must you? It is impossible that there is no solutions …

Rasa, thank you! You saved my life. I rushed to take a better position to take when I heard your warning: Beware, snakes! I pulled my leg in the air, and beneath it – viper! Fortunately, not jumped. I have …

The weekend flew too fast. Time does not care about the impressions, especially where every new day is a new questionnaire.

Led by agile Vukosav organizers heartily shows, especially chefs. The program was rich, interesting, challenging – in a word: unforgettable. And the hosts … like we have always been friends. I don’t remember every name, but the character and soul I do. And for me it is the most beautiful gift.

Ištvan Virag
Photo club Sombor

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