Dear participants
We are pleased that you want to participate in our exhibitions.
These are just some clarification and guidance to help you uploading your photos.
     1. Please use the English alphabet in your application.
2. If you have not already participated in our exhibitions, please fill out the online application form. You have two columns for the address if your address contains more data. This is important in order to send you a catalog on your exact address.
Use UPPER CASE on the bottom of the application form. After completing the application form you will get an e-mail with your password. Keep it for the next exhibitions. Please check your SPAM messages.
3. If you have already participated in our exhibitions then you can use your code which you have used before.
If you have forgotten your password, click “Forgot your password?” enter your username and e-mail in which you want to reach a new password. In this case you must know your username. Please check SPAM emails.
If you have forgotten your username and password, then send an e-mail to:
You will get a new code. Again, make sure you check SPAM messages.
4. If you are applying for the first time, after completing the application form go directly to the upload page.
After logging, application leads you to a page where you can check your data and address on the left side of the form. On the right side of the form that you have possibilities to change your password.  If you change password, you will receive new code to your email. Check SPAM messages.
“Upload Form” button leads you directly to the page form where you can upload your photos.
On the preview button  you can check your photos, if you’ve set them.
5. Please prepare your photos in JPG format, 2000 pixels on long side, be shure that the total size does not exceed 2 megabytes. Set compression  on 7-10.
The form is divided by topic and each topic is separately uploading.
You have to type the names of your photos (Title A1, Title A 2 …  Title D3, Title D4…). Below the text box is the “Choose File (Browse…)” button, which you use to select photos from your computer, and once you choose a photos, press “Upload Images – theme A, B, C, D, D, E successively “, and within minutes the photos will be uploaded to our program. Repeat that for each topic for which you have prepared photos. When you finish upload all photos will appear on the page.
6. On the right you have several buttons. You can return to the home page of the form, you can go to a page for paying (Pay and Pay/member of photo club) or click “Log Out” which serves to disconnect from your account, to be able to upload pictures for someone else. This is very important for authors who upload photos for more authors.
7. On the “Preview upload photos” you can make the last verification. Please check names and photos that correspond to the given topic. If you made a mistake, mistakenly upload the wrong photo; delete the photo by clicking the red X. Then return to the upload page on the “Return to the upload form” and upload the image you want. If you have a problem, do the “Log Out” and change the browser you use (“Mozilla Firefox”, “Google Chrome”, “Windows Internet Explorer” …).  Log in again to the “upload” page and set the right image.
If you mistake  the name of photos or does not give names to your images, then the program automatically assigned serial numbers as the title of the photo. In that case, on the preview page, click on the title of the photo (which is located below the photo), and change the name of photography. Write the new name, photo and press the “Yes”! button.
From this page you can also pay the registration fee and you can disconnect from the program.
8. On the first page of our website you have the “LIST OF AUTHORS”, where you can check your status in the exhibition.
9. When you make a payment, for the short time your name will be transferred to the list of authors who have paid the entry fee.
Also on this page you have a button for payment.
10. We hope that we help you to easily upload your photos.
11. Welcome to our exhibition I thank you for your confidence.
Borislav Milovanovic
Nenad Nedeljkovic (system administrator)